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The Best Affordable Flat Iron for Straight Hair and Bouncy Curls

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

*This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. This, however, has no bearing on my reviews and comparisons. I vow to always be honest in my feedback and product reviews.

Being a former professional makeup and hair artist, you can imagine I've used everything under the sun for not just myself, but to find the best tools to use on my past clientele. When I was actively working in this field, client's would request all kinds of hairstyles. Some had thick hair, some thin. Some curly, and some frizzy. I had to be prepared at all appointments, especially when I was travelling, to have the necessary tools handy, and of course, not cause any damage to the client's hair. My own personal flat iron, lasted me almost 15 years before it finally died on me. It was a random brand I picked up, and fell in love with it. It never lost its heat power, nor gave me any damage, or other issues. Unfortunately the company shut down, and I was never able to find it again. So I went on a hunt for a new flat iron, that could give me similar results as my previous one, and not cost me an arm and a leg for it.

woman getting her hairstyle with braids and curls

Some of the popular brands these days for flat irons include Dyson, Chi, Babyliss Pro, and GHD just to name a few. There of course are countless brands out there, all with their own features. These ones listed all range from around $100 to even $700! So what is it that I look for in a flat iron for my own hair?

  • High quality plates that won't damage my hair

  • Iron that heats up quickly

  • Has multiple heat options for different textured/thickness of hair

  • Works quickly so I don't have to keep going over the same area

  • Larger plate size so I can spend less time doing my hair

  • Swivel cord in a good length for ease of styling

  • Can also produce great bouncy curls that last

  • A reasonable price point

  • Hair that is left looking/feeling shiny and smooth, not flat and dry

  • Bonus: if there is a nice travel pouch and gloves/combs included

Sound too good to be true? Well, I am about to make your day then!

A salon with a woman getting her hair professionally blow dried with a round brush

My elder daughter Alaizah has super curly thick and long hair, that gets frizzy very easily. She is the perfect candidate to test out any flat iron and see if it works! For myself, my hair is slightly wavy, but still thick.

My daughter Alainah's hair is much thinner in comparison, but has a slight curl at the ends.

Now Alaizah's hair has been quite the challenge. I have tried many tools to try to give her a sleek look whenever she wants one. It takes so much time to style her hair, because I have to switch between tools when I do style it, especially if we are going for a straight look. Our latest success story was with the round brush and hair dryer, to smoothen out her wet hair first, and then went over it with a flat iron (the same iron that has now died on me) to get her a smooth and sleek finish. Essentially that means I'm actually having to do her entire head TWICE, and it takes me about 1.5 to 2 hours to do it properly. This is why I only commit to straightening her hair once every few months!

Long hair getting flat ironed to be straight with a comb to guide

So when I purchased my latest flat iron (in hopes that it would be my last), I of course asked Alaizah if I could sample it on her hair first? She loves getting her hair done, and so jumped to the opportunity!

FIRST IMPRESSION My first impression, which was shared by my daughter, was that the packaging was really well done. The box was a thick cardboard, so there would be no damage to the item inside during delivery. It listed many features on the outside.

Some of the features listed on the box include:

  • Non-snagging floating plates for a smooth finish with no tug

  • Plates infused with Argan oil, Keratin and Tourmaline for 3x less damage

  • 5 adjustable temperature settings

  • Instant heat up within 30 seconds

  • 60 minutes auto shut off for extra safety

  • Voltage that works around the world 100V-240v

flat iron packaging showing different features

The second thing we noticed was how beautifully the flat iron was made. Definitely looked and felt like it was a quality item. This got us super excited to try it out!


It was super easy to use and figure out. Once plugged in the logo lights up to show you it has power. There is one button to click to power on, you simply hold it down to power on or off. The same button is used to change the heat setting with a quick press. It is positioned on the inside, so you do not accidentally push it while using.

The heat settings have several options depending on your hair type. In Fahrenheit you can choose from, 320, 356, 392, 430 and 450 degrees.

Again, you just do a quick press on the one button to toggle between which heat temperature you'd like to select.

Flat iron hair styler with heat options

It took about 45 seconds for the iron to heat up (no complaints!) and gave a beep sound once it was ready to use at that setting. This was convenient, and honestly, I didn't know I needed it in my life, but now that I have it, I love this feature! The cord was a decent length, and did not twist up or get stuck as I was using it.

Now Alaizah's hair had been in a braid all day, and so was not as curly when I tried the flat iron on her hair the first time. It had a deep kinky wave to it.

I was immediately shocked at how quickly this flat iron worked, without having to use any other tool or hair product. All I did was brush out her hair first so there were no tangles. I was able to go over the hair just ONCE with the flat iron, to see a significant difference. I ran it over the same section of hair a second time, and it was completely dead straight! This has NEVER happened before! There was no tugging or pulling, it slid right over her hair. I only did half her head so that I could really compare and see the difference. All in all, we were both super excited!

The plates are 1.75" wide, and so cover more space rather quickly, which I felt also helped in how quickly the hair was done.

This is the outcome of our first try on Alaizah's hair. Check out that shine!

Half head demonstration of styling where it is natural curly on one side and flat on the other

The next day Alaizah had freshly washed hair so it was super curly in its natural state, and so I decided to try the flat iron again.

NOT FOR WET HAIR Now I will say, I tried this on both my younger daughter and elder one on wet hair as well. This is NOT a wet-to-dry flat iron, nor is it advertised as such. I was simply experimenting.

And so, the results were as expected, with steaming hair, that was not flattening well. In other words, do not use this on wet hair, it works beautifully only on fully dry hair. So I waited for her hair to dry, before continuing with styling.

CURLS WITH THE FLAT IRON I also wanted to see how well this flat iron would curl. I have always used my flat iron to create bouncy curls, and wanted to see if this would match it. I ended up adding some curls to the bottom of Alaizah's hair. No product or hairspray was used, and they turned out beautiful! I also experimented on myself the same night, and slept on those curls to see if they would last or not. What I found was, depending on how thick I sectioned my hair, the curl was more likely to stay overnight as well. The 1" sections lasted all night and the next day. Again, no hairspray or other product was used. The 1.5" sections lasted just as well. The 2" sections that I curled ended up loosening by the morning, but still did not fully open up. That was fantastic considering there was no product and I slept on my hair! I will add a video tutorial post soon, to demonstrate my technique of how to get beautiful bouncy curls that last! Here is Alaizah's hair, before and after I styled it on freshly washed hair. I added some curls at the bottom.

Before and After of curly long hair being styled to straight with curls

WHAT YOU GET The flat iron did not come with clips. However, it did come with a glove, and a storage pouch. The pouch looks like it is made of some kind of polyester, I didn't attempt to put a hot iron in it as I was afraid it may burn. Once the flat iron cooled down, I packaged it away in the pouch. I also did not use the glove at all, surprisingly, the outside of the iron was not as hot as I thought it might be, so it did not burn me, despite no glove being used.


I truly am amazed, that such a high quality flat iron could be so well-priced! With all of the high-end marketed irons being priced in the hundreds, surely I expected this iron would fall short somewhere. But it didn't! I am overall very impressed and highly recommend this flat iron.

The Terviiix Golden Standard Styler comes in both 1" and 1.75". I purchased the 1.75" size. It is currently available on Amazon Canada for only $59.99.

Click the link below to get yours, and do check for any coupons that may be available.

This same flat iron is available on Amazon US for $35.99.

Do try it out and let me know in the comments what you think! Do you have a favorite hair tool that is quick and affordable? Do share!

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