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Hello and welcome to my online space!

My name is Sheela Malik and as you have probably seen already, I am a mom to two beautiful girls, a Certified Health Coach, an Author, a Business Owner, and an Executive Regional Vice President and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. I am also a Business Coach and Affiliate Mentor, and have been teaching others how to make money online for almost a decade!

My journey of inner and outer health started about 9 years ago.

What started as a small opportunity to earn some money from home while being home with my then 1 year old, turned into a massive international business beyond my wildest dreams! Arbonne became a vehicle to open so many doors for me and my family!

I further branched into getting my Health Coach Certification, starting an e-commerce hijabs business, and even co-authoring a book! The first of many to come!

I am grateful for the growth and learning and can't wait to share my journey and passion with all of you!


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