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About me

Sheela Malik Lifestyle Blogger hijab wearing muslim canadian

Hello, I'm Sheela!
Welcome to my Blog!

Gosh, this has been on my mind for so many years, and I just never could find the time to sit and write! 
But being someone who runs multiple businesses, and having a very busy family life at the same time, I've learned you will never have time. You have to make time!

I have never been one to shy away from sharing bits and pieces of my life online.
It's time to finally have an organized place to share it all!

I am both a mom, and an entrepreneur.
I hope you find my posts and recommendations helpful!
I always try products before sharing about them. Whether they are beauty products I used as a former Professional Makeup Artist, nutritional products as a Certified Health Coach, or just your everyday gadgets that have made my life easier to manage.
My parenting tips and techniques not only come from my own experience, but being a psychology major, I've learned a thing or two that may help other parents as well.

Stay with me, I have so much to share!

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