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It is absolutely no secret how much I love and shop at Amazon!
I love the convenience of sitting at home and having my products delivered right to my door!
Sound familiar? You got it! It's exactly how my business works too!

Check out some of my most asked about products below!
I only recommend products I love and use personally and these few have made the list!




After tons of research I came across these vitamins!
Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Gelatin Free, exactly what I wanted for my kids!
They are loaded with vitamins and minerals.
The icing on top, is that they are DELICIOUS and taste like CANDY!
I would be lying if I said it was just for kids, my husband and I take them as well!
1 a day for my little one, 2 a day for the rest of us! I have these ones setup on a subscription for my family.



I am someone who prefers to use nature to heal myself verus jumping into medicine. My doctor luckily is on board with this, and acutally suggested I take manuka honey to help my throat one time. Of course I dove into research to learn about why manuka honey was so different and superior, and where I could get the best quality.

This is not cheap stuff, so really we use it for emergencies, but it does the trick every time anyone starts to feel unwell in my home!
This brand is my go-to for manuka honey! It is super high quality and is Kiva Certified.



One of the worst parts of this world pandemic for me was the mask wearing. I have a deviated septum so it can get difficult to breathe. The mask made it so bad for me, I stopped going to any public place for months!
Finally I found this face mask, which of course is still a piece of fabric covering your nose and mouth, but it is the most breathable and comfortable one I have found to date! They also don't tug at your ears at all. 
I bought 6 in a Large, and rotate daily!
My husband agrees, these are awesome!


These are the jars I use to organize my nutritional products that come in sachets, I ordered the MEDIUM size.
They are the perfect height and width to easily store and I love that you can see exactly which is which.
I also added labels so I can easily sort and find what I need.
The bamboo lids also give a super cute look to them.
They are sturdy and strong standing at about 15cm tall and 10cm wide. Click below to purchase yours!


You will get to read my love for the Peloton and the app for it in my blog soon. But one thing I didn't like was that the screen didn't swivel (first model). Many times I wanted to do one of the workouts off the bike and I had to pull out my phone which felt like a tiny screen.
Well that's not an issue any longer!

This attachment works beautifully and is so easy to install! I can now swivel and tilt my screen all the way around and easily follow the non-bike workouts!
Thought to share with all of you who are Pelotoners!

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